Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

So finally its that time of the year when carols are sung and cakes are eaten. Christmas is always one of my favourite festivals because I associate it with peace and calm. Also, since it is the last major festival of the year and it will be some time before we get into the mood for festival celebrations again. So hopefully, this time there will not be any destruction during Christmas as it happened the last time.

So, A Merry Christmas to the whole world and hopefully, the people of this world remember that the Son of God asked us to spread the message of peace and happiness in this world.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My First Blog

So finally I get a place on the net..
Great to get going. For introductions, my name is Hariprasad Poojary and I am presently working in the IT services sector in India, or as my friends say at the very least I give the impression that I am working :-)

About myself, I love reading,music,walking,sports. Pretty normal stuff.

Nothing extraordinary about my likes/dislikes or for that matter about myself too.
Don't know if I will continue blogging..But what the heck, it will not be a case of not trying at least.

Well that's pretty much for today.Yeah, India defeated SL today in cricket.
An Indian victory is always a pleasure for Indians.
What effect does an Indian victory has on Indians ..well that will make an interesting topic for my next post...
So will end this post here itself..