Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My First Blog

So finally I get a place on the net..
Great to get going. For introductions, my name is Hariprasad Poojary and I am presently working in the IT services sector in India, or as my friends say at the very least I give the impression that I am working :-)

About myself, I love reading,music,walking,sports. Pretty normal stuff.

Nothing extraordinary about my likes/dislikes or for that matter about myself too.
Don't know if I will continue blogging..But what the heck, it will not be a case of not trying at least.

Well that's pretty much for today.Yeah, India defeated SL today in cricket.
An Indian victory is always a pleasure for Indians.
What effect does an Indian victory has on Indians ..well that will make an interesting topic for my next post...
So will end this post here itself..