Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bangalore Visit Story - Part I

I had said that I will be writing about my Bangalore visit soon. But, I kept postponing it because of lack of time. Yeah, really I am busy in my work. Believe me yaar. Now, Stop laughing, will you.. Reallly, I work... huh... Anyways...

Well, I along with my colleague were supposed to go to Bangalore to do the transitioning of one project to the IGATE team sitting over there. Some guys from the IGATE team had already been to Mumbai, so we were already familiar with some of them which helped us in settling down quickly in Bangalore.

We left for Bangalore on the morning of 20th by Kingfisher Airlines.(haha..Will not leave any chance of bragging about my visit by an aeroplane). The flight was on time and we reached Bangalore at around 8:30 am. It was my second visit to Bangalore but during the first time, I was accompanied by my cousin everywhere I went. So, I didn't have much idea about the roads/routes of Bangalore. So, this time deciding not to take any chances, we decided to take the easy way out and started looking out for a taxi to our location. We were armed with the printout of the address of our guesthouse and we showed it to the leader of the taxi-drivers(atleast he behaved like one). Obviously, they had never heard of that place. Common, which taxi-driver knows the address of your place when you are new to that place. Anyways, he knew the bigger location(something like the bigger picture) , so he asked one of the taxi-driver to drop us off. And then the bonb, 200 rupees to take to that location. I haggled , he said "Saar, this is minimum". I tried to speak in Kannada. Big Mistake. Whatever chances I had of reducing the fare vaished in thin air. So, thus we started our trip on an auspicious note...

Next, our house in Bangalore. Our admin guys deserve a big Thanks from me. We have around 3 guesthouses in Bangalore. 2 guesthouses are in a very good locality and are in good proximity to transport,restuarants etc.
While the remaining one is in a God-forsaken place. So, by now you must have understood that we were in the third guesthouse. First of all, it is not too far from the airport but it was quite far from the main road(dont ask me to explain this) and the place had a deserted feel to it. And to top it, it had no restuarants/shops nearby. And no, you are not going to get any transaport to the main road easily. The guesthouse had a sumo ready at service but it was quite a pain ringing them up and asking them to send a sumo to the main road to pick you up and waiting for it on the main road. If it were not for Koushik(IGATE Team's PM) who used to drop/pick us up from the guesthouse, we would definitely have spent more time travelling to/fro the main road. Thanks Koushik :-)

To be Continued......

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Better Writing

In one of the comments on this blog, Aniket chides me for my bad language and asks me to improve it. I humbly accept his criticism coz I am aware of my shortcomings when it comes to writing.

I mean, I am not the one who writes really pathetically. But, then my writings are not from the top-drawer or for that matter, not even from the middle drawer :-) Sorry, Sorry for that, but I think that is expected if you do spend some time with Vinod,Snehal and group.

Sorry for deviating from the topic. Coming back to the point raised by Aniket, I do need to improve myself which I am gonna do by writing more. Stop that groaning , you jealous crabs. Here, I want to improve and you are simply concerned with your own good-being.

So,be prepared for more stupid writings in future.