Friday, August 25, 2006

Today's Fortune :-)

Today, Orkut has the below line as the fortune for me.

Society prepares the crime: The criminal commits it

Wonder what crime the society has prepared for me to commit :-)


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Breaking News!!!

Its has been found today that in one remote corner of Kanjur Marg, HP was found to be drinking milk.

Yes, very true. Now, it is been common knowledge that at HP’s home wash basins,cats,flower pots and other sundries were always found to be drinking milk but somehow, the milk would never go down HP’s throats. But, in a bizarre turn of events, it was found that a mixture of badam, pista and Bournvita and off course Mahananda milk seemed to please HP. Indeed a heart warming story!! Sources say that there has been a steady stream of visitors to his home since the news spread in Kanjur and other neighboring areas.

And, in totally unrelated incident, Gods decided to steal the thunder from HP on the same day. Rumors abound that idols across various temples across India are supposedly drinking milk.

Well, as HP always used to say, Gods always gang up against him :-)

HP had one day to become famous but all came to naught. Now, the stream of visitors have reduced to a trickle. Poor HP, I say!!!

Btw, Wonder, what flavor Gods favour!! And if idols are indeed devouring milk, then do I need to go easy on keeping sweets the next time on the Pooja Thaali. It was always assumed that one just needs to show the sweets to God, sweets will be blessed by God and then one can hog as much as one wants.

Wonder, what this world is coming to. Now, you can’t even trust Gods to keep their part of the deal. :-)



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shalet zayachay :-)

Got the below poem as a fwd. Just too good :-)

मला पुन्हा एकदा तरी शाळेत जायचय.
धावत जाऊन माझ्या रोजच्या बाकावर बसायचय
रोज सकाळी खड्या आवाजात राष्ट्रगीत म्हाणायचाय
नव्या वहिचा वास घेत पहिल्या पानावर
छान अक्षरात आपल नाव लिहायचाय
मला पुन्हा एकदा तरी शाळेत जायचय.

मधली सुट्टी होताच वाटरब्याग सोडुन
नलाखाली हात धरून पानी प्यायचाय,
कसाबसा डबा सम्पवत तिखट मीठ लावलेल्या
चिन्चा, बोर, पेरु, काकडी सगळ खायचय
सायकलच्या चाकाचा स्ट्म्प करुन क्रिकेट खेलायचय,
मला पुन्हा एकदा तरी शाळेत जायचय.

उद्या पाऊस पडुन शालेला सुट्टी मिलेल का?
हा विचार करत रात्री झोपी जायचय,
अनपेक्षित मिळणारा सुट्टीच्या आनन्दासाठी,
मला पुन्हा एकदा तरी शाळेत जायचय.

घन्टा व्हायची वाट का असेना
मित्राशी गप्पा मारत वर्गात बसायचाय,
घन्टा होताच मित्राशी सयकलची रेस लावून घरी पोहचायचय,
मला पुन्हा एकदा तरी शाळेत जायचय.

कितीहि जड असुदे... जबाबदारीच्या ओझ्यापेक्षा
दप्तराच ओझ पाठिवर वागवायचय,
कितीहि उकडत असू दे.. वातानुकूलित ऒफ़िसपेक्षा
पन्खे नसलेल्य वर्गात खिड्क्या उघडून बसायचय,
कितीहि तुटका असु दे.. ऒफ़िसमधल्या एकट्या खुर्चिपेक्षा दोघान्च्या बाकावर मित्रान्नी बसायचय

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Good Move

The NCERT plans to include Gujarat riots, Ayodhya dispute and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as part of the Class XII curriculum.

Well, it was high time that they did so. For long, we have tended to sweep riots and the continuing communalisation of the country under the carpet. We seem to think that closing our eyes will make these pertinent issues go away.

Well, wish it was so easy!!!

And the fact that they are including it in Class X11 curriculum makes sense. We have to understand that not talking about such issues is not going to help us rather there should be an open dialogue regarding it. Also, the coming generation needs to be educated about the dangers of right-wing politics.

The horrors of Gujarat are pretty much fresh in people's memory but to make sure that such horrors are not repeated, it is needed that we stop and reflect on them. Also, good to see the Sikh riots also being included under the Congress regime.

The BJP has already started protesting but well, it is better that children read about the riots rather than experience it. And, I hope no more chapters will be added. Say Amen to that!


Monday, August 14, 2006


Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake

–Rabindranath Tagore

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Still stuck in Middle-East

Yeah, I am still stuck in the Middle-East. But, this time some cartoons to lighten the mood.
Disclaimer : None of the cartoons have been made by me :-)

United Nations?

One of all time favourite movie is 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron'. And, IMHO this movie beats the hell out of the rest of the Hindi comedies ever produced in India.

And my favourite scene in the movie is the 'Mahabharat scene'. Yes, the same climax scene where the main cast comes together to give us one of the most brilliant scene ever executed. But, I digrees.

When I was in school, we had one of the most hated subjects in the form of History-Civics. Yes, I know they are different subjects but we always thought of them as one. And most of the students hated them with single-minded devotion.

In this , we were taught the great history of the formation of UN and the role it plays/ed in world politics and world peace. But, as the tragedy unfolds in Lebanon, I can't help but lament the fall of UN. No one seems to bother about this organisation. The US of A doesn't care about any resolutions passed, Indo-Pak conflict is still on, Sri Lanka is going from one violent cycle to another. And lets not even talk about the poverty that has encapsulated Africa. The UN seems to have failed even worse than the Bihar government. And now with the Middle East crisis worsening, we can see for ourselves as to how impotent UN has become. Similar to Dhritharashtra in the above mentioned film scene. He keeps saying 'Yeh! Kya ho raha hain' and the other characters carry on with their buffonery as usual. I can almost imagine Yudhisthir(US) saying to Israel 'Shaant gadadhari Bheem shaant' and Israel waving the advice off.

But, seriously UN has ceased to play an important role in the wrold affairs. And that is a sad thing

And only once if everyone claimed their right to have peace as everyone stakes a claim for Draupadi in the film, then probably there would be long lasting peace in this world.

Death is always sad, but man-inflicted ones more so. And the deaths in Lebanon show the grim reality to us once again.

"Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."