Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Breaking News!!!

Its has been found today that in one remote corner of Kanjur Marg, HP was found to be drinking milk.

Yes, very true. Now, it is been common knowledge that at HP’s home wash basins,cats,flower pots and other sundries were always found to be drinking milk but somehow, the milk would never go down HP’s throats. But, in a bizarre turn of events, it was found that a mixture of badam, pista and Bournvita and off course Mahananda milk seemed to please HP. Indeed a heart warming story!! Sources say that there has been a steady stream of visitors to his home since the news spread in Kanjur and other neighboring areas.

And, in totally unrelated incident, Gods decided to steal the thunder from HP on the same day. Rumors abound that idols across various temples across India are supposedly drinking milk.

Well, as HP always used to say, Gods always gang up against him :-)

HP had one day to become famous but all came to naught. Now, the stream of visitors have reduced to a trickle. Poor HP, I say!!!

Btw, Wonder, what flavor Gods favour!! And if idols are indeed devouring milk, then do I need to go easy on keeping sweets the next time on the Pooja Thaali. It was always assumed that one just needs to show the sweets to God, sweets will be blessed by God and then one can hog as much as one wants.

Wonder, what this world is coming to. Now, you can’t even trust Gods to keep their part of the deal. :-)




As If said...

This is highly unfair!!! How can the Gods cheat you in such depraved manner, Can we file a PIL in the SC regarding this incident.

BTW this post deserves to be on FUKAT, so I expect a copy there soon.

Kurt said...

They r alweyz unfair to you first they pay u so less & now they come and compete with you.

Am sure HP they would be drinking Gokul (Rs. 22/lt) compared to urs Mahananda (Rs. 16/lt). Also you might have noted they alweyz get "Shudd Ghee ki Mithai" & wht do we get???? Coupons!! oh am sorry tht has also been stopped.

I feel sad for you dude.


Kurt said...


Lets Brainstorm & decide a new field which has no competition & where you can also be famous again :)


As If said...

Kurt bhaiyya saare doodh ke brands ke bhav pata hain this proves subah doodh Kurt hi laat hai.

Snehal said...

i can vouch 4 that. Subah ya raat ko dirt bhai hi doodah laate hain

HP said...


You are ever ready to file a PIL...I sense a secret side business here. :-)

btw, I do drink a glass of mil daily :-)


Yep..I am also thinking of moving to 'Carton waala acchha doodh' :-)


You know everything about Kurt's drinking options..