Thursday, August 03, 2006

United Nations?

One of all time favourite movie is 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron'. And, IMHO this movie beats the hell out of the rest of the Hindi comedies ever produced in India.

And my favourite scene in the movie is the 'Mahabharat scene'. Yes, the same climax scene where the main cast comes together to give us one of the most brilliant scene ever executed. But, I digrees.

When I was in school, we had one of the most hated subjects in the form of History-Civics. Yes, I know they are different subjects but we always thought of them as one. And most of the students hated them with single-minded devotion.

In this , we were taught the great history of the formation of UN and the role it plays/ed in world politics and world peace. But, as the tragedy unfolds in Lebanon, I can't help but lament the fall of UN. No one seems to bother about this organisation. The US of A doesn't care about any resolutions passed, Indo-Pak conflict is still on, Sri Lanka is going from one violent cycle to another. And lets not even talk about the poverty that has encapsulated Africa. The UN seems to have failed even worse than the Bihar government. And now with the Middle East crisis worsening, we can see for ourselves as to how impotent UN has become. Similar to Dhritharashtra in the above mentioned film scene. He keeps saying 'Yeh! Kya ho raha hain' and the other characters carry on with their buffonery as usual. I can almost imagine Yudhisthir(US) saying to Israel 'Shaant gadadhari Bheem shaant' and Israel waving the advice off.

But, seriously UN has ceased to play an important role in the wrold affairs. And that is a sad thing

And only once if everyone claimed their right to have peace as everyone stakes a claim for Draupadi in the film, then probably there would be long lasting peace in this world.

Death is always sad, but man-inflicted ones more so. And the deaths in Lebanon show the grim reality to us once again.

"Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."


As If said...

Yeah dude, I was exactly thinking of writing on UN or the farce called UN. Although my thought about the subjects of History and Civics were daimetrically opposite to yours, yep I love them.

I remember how the league of nations failed, which resulted in the second world ward and the formation of UN. Anything that the UN has been is a big failure from the very start.

It's an impotent body of useless individuals created to serve the interest of the big powers which has not managed to stop a single deadly conflict till date, though it did legitmise American aggressions/invasion at certain times.

HP said...

I didnt hate History. Infact, I loved it. And my most prized win in quizzes came in an History quiz which was entirely dominated by students who were majoring in History but was won by us, i.e Science students :-)

But, hating history was a norm and its pretty cool too :-)


iyer education said...

awesome comparison... u shud be the king of metaphors :)

HP said...


Kind of Metaphors? You embarass me :-)

But, Thanks :-)


The Illusionist said...

yeah Hp
It is not seldom that I wonder how injustice can prevail under the noses of those very organizations that have been established for the purpose of disallowing it. & UN is probably one of the best examples of such apathy.

HP said...


Thanks for dropping by.

And yes, the worst part is that the apathy is going to take all of us down.