Well, there’s a storm brewing related to Vande Mataram. So, in a bid to stop that storm becoming a hurricane, I suggest we change our National Song.

Simple, isn’t it??

Yes, I propose not a new National Song but Songs at your service!! Ok Now, stop clapping and listen to this brilliant solution.

We should make all songs of Himesh Bhaiyya as our National songs. No, seriously!

Just look at the benefits…

All these songs will then only be played on one of our National Days or if our luck is good, once in 100 years or so while someone thinks of a commemoration day for them. This means that the rest of the days, we don’t have to listen to him :-)

Aah!! What Bliss!!

Seriously, I don’t believe that singing a song will make anyone more Indian or anyone less a Muslim. Also, forcing something down someone’s throats is
just gonna make that person puke. Nothing less, nothing more. So, it does not make any sense forcing someone to sing or not to sing any
song. Simple as that!

In recent years, Common Sense has become a rare commodity but these things just take the cake!

And to end, repeating what Gaurav had said, Can we sing Test Mataram instead of Van-De Mataram :-)


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