Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of my friend Sourabh Jain blogs over at http://sourabhkavi.blogspot.com/. Do hop over and read.

East Cost in US has been badly hit by the snow over the past 2 days. Some links to the sites hosting the photos are given below.



The personal experience of this blizzard was pretty interesting with the 3 of us being first time snow drivers and all that. It took us 2 hours to reach our apartment from our friends place which normally would take 10 minutes. It involved a lot of shovelling, pushing the car, driving on the wrong lane, taking longer routes, stopping in the middle of the road and all that. Much fun was had and thankfully everyone was safe.

Sid blogs about the control BCCI exerts over media outlets in India over at his blog.


I started this blog a few years back but I hardly post anything. Its not that there are no subjects on which I can write on but I hardly feel the motivation to devote 30-60 minutes everyday to actually write something.

Also, my writing is pretty average so I do not want to subject my few friends to torture who read this blog on a regular basis.
When I started this blog, I thought I will write about varied subjects and I will write them regularly. But whenever I think of writing, the words do not seem to flow. Also, limited grammar and a limited vocab do not help towards the cause of writing. I used to write what I think is poetry too but it used to be so bad that I laugh at them myself whenever I turn the pages.

Actually, I am not sure why I am suddenly rambling about writing.

The above ramblings are totally incoherent and I cannot even blame alcohol for it.


One of the new blogs which I have been following recently is of Deepak Iyer.

He is a fellow who loves trekking; so that is one thing that makes me read his blogs. He had been to Peru and Mexico in the last few months.

One can read his experience of Peru over here and his Mexico escapades over here. Do read them.

I recently missed going to Ecuador with Abhilash but surely, I would follow one advice which Deepak gives about travelling which is to travel alone.
I have travelled alone a far bit in India but have never done that outside India. So, this is one experience which I want to have as soon as possible. Hopefully, I plan something for the coming summer.