Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I started this blog a few years back but I hardly post anything. Its not that there are no subjects on which I can write on but I hardly feel the motivation to devote 30-60 minutes everyday to actually write something.

Also, my writing is pretty average so I do not want to subject my few friends to torture who read this blog on a regular basis.
When I started this blog, I thought I will write about varied subjects and I will write them regularly. But whenever I think of writing, the words do not seem to flow. Also, limited grammar and a limited vocab do not help towards the cause of writing. I used to write what I think is poetry too but it used to be so bad that I laugh at them myself whenever I turn the pages.

Actually, I am not sure why I am suddenly rambling about writing.

The above ramblings are totally incoherent and I cannot even blame alcohol for it.


kurt said...

maybe you should seriously consider drinking, then words will surely start flowing... :)

Abhi said...


Try posting a poetry or a musing and let's see how it goes ..