Friday, August 18, 2006

Good Move

The NCERT plans to include Gujarat riots, Ayodhya dispute and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as part of the Class XII curriculum.

Well, it was high time that they did so. For long, we have tended to sweep riots and the continuing communalisation of the country under the carpet. We seem to think that closing our eyes will make these pertinent issues go away.

Well, wish it was so easy!!!

And the fact that they are including it in Class X11 curriculum makes sense. We have to understand that not talking about such issues is not going to help us rather there should be an open dialogue regarding it. Also, the coming generation needs to be educated about the dangers of right-wing politics.

The horrors of Gujarat are pretty much fresh in people's memory but to make sure that such horrors are not repeated, it is needed that we stop and reflect on them. Also, good to see the Sikh riots also being included under the Congress regime.

The BJP has already started protesting but well, it is better that children read about the riots rather than experience it. And, I hope no more chapters will be added. Say Amen to that!



Prasad said...

Yeah HP, I can understand what u r tryin to say over here,but without knowing what's actually getting printed in the books I cannot accept your point.

Just imagine,if not put correctly,it could actually have a reverse effect and can instigate young minds to think about the injustice that had happened to ppl of their religion and could thereby provoke them to take revenge against the people responsible or against their entire religion.

Just Think About It

Kurt said...


i agree wid Prasad, unless & until i see whts being published, i cannot comment on anything.

but its really important for our coming generation to be aware of the evils of our society.


As If said...

I agree with that the riots and the communalization of the country should be discussed in details.

But I also agree with Prasad and Kurt that the way these things are presented is much more important and don't have any trust and faith in NCERT or the University depts on this.

If you get a chance to pick the sociology book for FYBA from Mumbai university you would be appalled they way certain things about different religions are presented.

HP said...


I understand your point about the execution of the plan. My post just lauds the fact that a start has been made.
The execution can be botched up but we will have to wait and watch for it.


I understand what you are saying.
My sore point will be the revenge thing that you mention.
The children whose parents/family/friends were affected by the riots would anyway learn of these riots and perhaps, they will have a jaundiced view of this world. Without any official facts, the fundamentalists on any side would exploit thsi thing very easily.
The entry of these things in the textbooks would allow far more discussions/voicing of opinions at the lower level.Also, it would allow the majority to think about the evils that are being perpetuated in their name.


HP said...

And yes about the revenge.

We all know about the British rule, Jallianwala massacre..
We are not itching for a revenge against the British, are we now?
The analogy might be a bit off but I hope I get my point across...