Monday, June 19, 2006

Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal

aah...What a goal!!! What a goal!!

ok..U wanna wash away all your sins!! Just watch this video hundred, no make it a thousand times and your sins will be washed away :-) Really, I am not kidding!!!!!

For all u IE fans, the link is here.

And for Mozilla rockers, just watch the video below.

Just hope now that my team wins the World Cup and I get to wear the tee proudly :-)

God Bless Argentina!!!



Snehal said...

Dunno why but m not able to see it in mozilla at my place..

Also the way they r playin now,i dont think they need God's blessings. God needs to bless the teams playin wid them

mattu said...

saw the vid,
awesome, me too an ardent fan :)

Well Said chotts

HP said...


Change your proxy settings. Youtube is banned at most offices.
And yep, you are right. But, still I dont wanna take chances with God, you see :-0

Welcome to the club :D


mattu said...

I think Argentina is the second best lookin team (next to italy) therefore they deserve to win :)...........okay i shd shutup b4 i sound like a complete dumb blonde !!!!

hey no seriously after the 24 passes goal.i think they're hot....

Pri said...

U & ur futball madness! :) Neway i saw the video...It ws cool...I meant the background music...Hehe :-)) Ok no kiddin...1 thing I must say...The the thrill experienced wen goal strikes is jus sometin els!!
Keep rocking! :)


HP said...


aah..The pleasures of seeing a goal being scored..Just unable to put into words :-)