Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Australian Model for Higher Education in India?

During my under-graduation days, I always wondered why we were being charged so little for the education that we were receiving. If the rest of my life, I am gonna earn my bread and butter based upon the education that I am receiving today, surely they can charge better than the couple of thousands that Mumbai University used to charge me.

Anyways, Abi at Nanopolitan has a post about replicating the Australian model as a fair mechanism for funding our universities.

Will reserve my comments for later. But, certainly a thought that can be worked upon.



Abi said...

Thanks for the link, HP!

Do blog your views. I look forward to them.

Snehal said...

@ HP .
too big chotte. Newayz i think u like the US model and the japanese model more rite :)

HP said...


Surely, will write sometime later :-)


Lengthy but certainly thought provoking..
haha...You bet :-)


Irfan said...

I dont know much about the australian model but I know this that they are very very expensive. I studied in the US and providing an education to the masses is the main goal not getting money out of them. It should be that way throughout the world's nations.

What else are we paying taxes for when we do get a good job and earn well. :-)

by the way, thanks for commenting on my blog.