Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dream A Dream

Finally, the Cricket World Cup is going to start. In India, one will find a lot of ppl saying that they don't really care whether India wins or not, infact they wil abuse cricket and say that the game is taking our country down :-D But, you will find them trying to ask the score now and then :-)

Anyways, it is very difficult for me to rationally analyze our chances. I may or may not believe in the concept of nationality, I may disagree with the concept of patriotism being attached to supporting any particular sporting team but I can't ignore the fact that a win for India makes the world a better place to live for that moment. One sees more smiles around after a victory in an important match. I may dislike Dhoni's technique but I can't but applaud when he unleashes his famous whip on the hapless bowlers. One will ask why Pathan is in the team but will be the first to applaud when he gets the swing going and make the batsmen dance. Anil Kumble's inclusion in the team in place of Powar can be questioned but not his commitment. Sehwag's temperament may be doubted but not his talent.

We can just hope that the guys play well over there and try not to get whipped. Anyways, I will end my incoherent rambling with one of my favorite Al Pacino's monologue from 'Any Given Sunday'.




mattu said...

moi the first to comment :)
well u c i like cricket too bt the josh has died down after last time's maar the indians faced in de finals....newez best of luck to them, and am surprised u havent mentioned the incorrigible optimists the TV channels goin on n on utaarofying aartis of the indiam crick team.....

HP said...


Common..One defeat can't dampen our spirits..We have seen them being defeated a lots of times :-)

And, no I don't watch news channels now a days...Can't differentiate between Ekta's shows and them :D


Kurt said...

I really dont know wht has happened, but this time around the cricket fever has not gripped the nation... (or maybe i have turned my back to it)
I still remember when i was young(in age), i used to watch each n every match & used to follow cricket religiously.

Neways am still eager, but the enthu has died a bit...

Btw, i was planning for on a similar post.


HP said...


I will be eager for your post.


mattu said...

time for a new post man!

Nikhil Neelakantan said...

# Hp

Naah , we can't win it, its sad, but i guess we won't!

GuNs said...

Its weird, isnt it?
Last world cup, it was 2003. I was four years younger and my outlook was so different. Now, it seems so distant a thing.I am sure I will catch as many matches as I can though but I admit, the madness is not the same this time. Maybe its just age.


Abhi said...


yeah !!! luking fwd for the Indian Matches ..
let's hope they get atleast some matches under their cap .. :)


HP said...


Topic Please :-)


Don't be so pessimistic...We might just surprise ourselves...


Maybe..Maybe Not..
What has age got to do with passion?


Yeah..Umeed pe duniyaa kayam hain ..