Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why do you need a title?

Saw Sivaji today. Well, I don't understand much of Tamil but loved a major portion of the film. Rajni as usual is superb. Shriya is enchanting, totally enchanting :-) And, the rest of the technical department is also pretty good. Yes, the film is over-hyped but a Rajni film coming after a gap of 2 years was going to be hyped. And, Rajni doesn't disappoint. He does not look and act like a 60 year old guy. Truly, a Superstar!!!


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Anonymous said...

# HP

I heard Sivaji is the worst film ever & the comment was frm my friend who understands Tamil.

Neways good to see u post after a long time...


HP said...

Well, a lot of my Tamil friends too have panned the film but I enjoyed the better part of, no complaints :-)


FlyingHigh said...

I am not getting tickets to the movie. :( Must wait for at least a month I guess...


Abhi said...


Even I want to c the movie .. lets c wen i can make it ...


Anandham said...

It could be a timepass movie. Shankar is out of ideas & Rajini is out of age. The technical part of the movie excels because of the team not because of Rajini. Still ARR was a let down here. It's a overhyped but not worth type one.