Sunday, July 08, 2007


There is only one God. Please bow to thee!



FlyingHigh said...

Well Nadal gave God a tough fight! :P


HP said...


aah..You know what, I wanted Nadal to win, infact it was 3 versus 1 at my home with moi being the only person rooting for Nadal but then God is God :-)


GuNs said...

I've always like Sampras in Sampras vs Agassi. I've always liked Federer in Federer vs Roddick/Nadal/others.

The cool players are a lot more exciting to watch then the hotheads who most often let their concentration down to get into mindless frenzies.


Anandham said...

This God still not able to conquer the land of clay. But the conqueror(read Nadal) catching up with other courts pretty fast. It's not going to be a long time God will be ousted.