Sunday, April 06, 2008

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Rajdeep Sardesai writes a good post about the growing animosity between the leaders of Indian political parties. Surely, we should all have the ability to agree to disagree. :-)

Some of the life's little mysteries explained by Daily Mail. (Link via. Smoke Signals)

Kamla Bhatt interviews
Karthik Srinivasan of itwofs fame. Do check out the itwofs site.

Check out the photo essay on Wired which discusses the places where some of the pioneers had their Eureka moments. (Link via. Scripting News)

A real good letter by Richard Feynman to his student letting him know as to what are really the important and worthwhile problems. Reading this letter reminds me to get Feynman's book back from my friend and read it once again. His is the only book that made me take any interest in pure science, specially Physics :-)

Krishna Kumar lists out the different types of workaholics.

Check out Rupashree Nanda’s moving acceptance speech as she received this year’s Chameli Devi Award.

Vivek and Gaurav are asking as to why we should save the tiger. Do check their posts out(1,2) and join in the conversation if you have anything to voice.

Dani Rodrik has a post related to Soccer, culture, and violence.

Also, check out my friend Prem's musings on the year gone by. A bit late, I should say.

And Kurt's Photo blog.


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