Monday, May 04, 2009

Some thoughts...

While voting for the Lok Sabha elections, the age old question arises. Should one vote for the candidate or for the party?
This was my second chance to vote in the Lok Sabha elections. I definitely knew who the better candidate was in my constituency; no doubt about it but surely, I did not want his party to form the government. So, for the first time I went against my better judgement and have voted against a party rather than voting for a party/candidate. I never knew that I had such strong views about who should form or not form the government but I guess life is all about discovering oneself each day :-)


The IPL season is underway and this time, the cup is anyone's game unlike last year where Chennai and Rajasthan were the two best teams. This year, all the teams are pretty evenly matched and the final four can be anyone. Hopefully, Mumbai Indians lift the cup this time :-)
My choice of final four would be Mumbai Indians, Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers.
Mumbai Indians need to play Ashraful in place of Sanath for the rest of the tournament. Also, Shaun Pollock should come out of his self imposed retirement and play a few games.
RCB has a terrific batting line up now and if they play Goswami instead of Jaffer, they will surely do well.


A nice comic from Fly You Fools.

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Manish said...

Went through the same thoughts when voting. Had to vote against a party instead of voting for a party/candidate and the agenda they were promoting.

All Talk and No Action said...

If it's local elections... BMC etc.. You should vote for the candidate..he can work for the area.. get things moving...

However, even if the candidate of my locality is good; at a national level election, I wouldn't vote for him.. he doesn't decide education policies or budgetary decisions...

So, I think you did the right thing..