Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Votes : Indibloggies 2006

The polling is now open for Indibloggies. Go and vote now!

I have casted my votes and below are my choices for the particular categories.

The Indiblog of the Year 2006 ---- Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind
[ Recursive Hypocrisy was another choice for this category but guess, Nilu is above such awards ]

Best Designed IndiBlog   ----
[ Megha comes a close second this time for moi but she won last year. So, a new winner this time :-) ]

Best IndiBlog directory/service/clique/network ----- Blogbharti
[ They have done an amazing job in bringing in limelight some blogs/posts which otherwise we would not have been able to find. ]

Best Entertainment Indiblog ----- Blogical Conclusion

Best Group/Community IndiBlog ------- INI Signal
[ Indian Muslims comes a close second ]

Best Humanities Indiblog ----- Falstaff

Most Humorous IndiBlog ----- Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind

[Gawker comes a distant second ]

Best New IndiBlog ------ Blogbharti

Best Indi Photoblog ----- Trivial Matters

Best Sports Indiblog ---- Sportolysis - The World Sports Blog

Best Topical IndiBlog ----- Mumbai Matters
[ Because Mumbai matters for me ]

Go ahead and cast your vote for your choices.



Bombay Addict said...

HP - Thanks. I really, really appreciate this. I have no idea what to say. Kinda embarrassed !

Thanks also - and I say this on behalf of the entire Blogbharti team - for your kind words on Blogbharti. Thank you for your visits - it matters to us !

HP said...


All I can say is you truly deserve it and I hope that you end up as winners :-)


GuNs said...

I'm not voting...coz I'm not nominated !