Monday, February 26, 2007

One Down...Three to Go :-)

So, the Carling Cup is ours. Sad to see the brawl almost at the end of the game. It nearly robbed the sheen of a good win over a very good competitor in a Cup Final.

Arsenal dominated a better part of the game but luckily, playing experienced people in the final paid dividends for us. Also, the goal scoring machine Drogba clinched the match.

Overall, a satisfying win barring the fact that Terry had to be carried on a stretcher during the
match. Seriously hope that no one is added to our ever increasing injury list.

As per now, Chelsea might be the only team that can play a Injury XI instead of a Playing XI. :-)



As If said...

Arsenal would have won had Wenger not lost his senses. Hes grown old and too arrogant not to play henry et al. in the final.

Nikhil Neelakantan said...

It's not happening man! CHelsea win by luck! Luck will run out sometime!

HP said...


Even if Henry would have played, I don't think that would have done much of a difference :D


Fortune Favours the Brave Mate :-)