Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Feel the Blues!!!


Chelsea thrash Man Utd. 3-0 and lift the trophy. What a fitting way to stop all the nonsense of Man Utd. catching up with Chelsea :-) Yeah, I know I also was amongst the doubters but then I should say that I believed in Jose more than the players. For me, that man has been the reason Chelsea has been doing so well in the last couple of seasons. Sure, the oil money helped but money can take you only that far. Case, in example, Real Madrid.

Hope all the talk about Jose leaving the club does not turn true. He might be eccentric but surely, he knows his job and that's what matters really. Chelsea currently are a very good team and with some non-peforming players leaving the club and some performers joining it, moi thinks it might just be able to perform much better next year.

And, now Jose needs to concentrate on bringing more trophies to Stanford Bridge. And most importantly, John Terry should lift the Champions Trophy next season.

"We are the winners, We are the champs, Nobody can beat us any time :-) "


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