Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Friendly Blogs..

Nowadays Asif is blogging with a vengeance. And it is nice to see that. His latest post is about the silence of Bal Thackeray on the issue of reservations. Have a look here.
Also, he has unveiled his new business plan over here.

Matz is back and back with her favourite Himess bhaiyya. Do read it here.

Also, always wanted to let you ppl know about The Comic Project. (For those 2 ppl in the indie blogworld who dont know abt it). Please have a look at the blog here.

And finally, Iyero completes his Centuiyery. So, please applaud it here.




iyer education said...

fandastic template... very soothing on the eyes :)

The Comic Project said...

agree with iyere...great template...better than that ferrari thingy. And it rained in Bombay..I heard..I misses it. Thansk for linking

HP said...

Thanks :-) The template has been changed after seeing your latest template :-)

Thanks..But still have a soft corner for the Ferrari thingy :-)
Aa..yes u missed the rains. Its lovely outa here now..
And about the linking, the pleasure is entirely mine :-)


As If said...

About the template I have mixed feelings about it, anyways looks good.

HP said...

Never Have mixed feelings Dude!!
Just tell it like it is :-)


Snehal said...

what kind of f*** all template is this . I think an experimne tof urs must hav backfired. Please get back to the earlier one. PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!

HP said...

Well, it seems to work alright for me atleast :-)

Tell me, what exactly is the problem??