Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thanks Henry

Dear Henry,

Thanks. Heartfelt Thanks. I have never considered you as a great player and have always been against you while arguing with my friends. But , after your vital Sunday's goal against the Devils, I am just full of gratitude towards you. The moment your head butted the football into the net, I was jupping around with joy and glee and the jumping around doubled when my brother entered the room. :-)

So, please forgive me for all the things that I have said against you. This goal has redeemed you and from now on, I am not going to take anything said against you lying down. Yep, thats a promise :-)

You have kept alive the hopes of the fans of the Blues. And, we just hope that Jose gets over his sulking and gifts us the 3rd premiership title on the row. 


PS : Come on Chelsea, pull up your socks and gift us a treble this time. Come on guys. You can do it. 


GuNs said...

Henry + Bergkamp = best forward line in the entire world.

Bergkamp sadly has retired and I will miss watching my favourite player in action !


HP said...


I see an Arsenal fan outa there :-)


IdeaSmith said...

Errm...I don't know a thing about football (except David Beckham!! :-) ) but just wanted to say...thanks for stopping by!

Kurt said...

I was so envy of this guy, i used to hate him from the bottom of my fart...
I wanted him to retire from professional soccer ages ago.
But but but but.
Now, i love him...........
He's God for me.......
As a matter of fact he's god to all Chelsea fan....