Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WTF moment of the week!!!!!!

Seriously, someone tell me that this is a joke and nothing else. Please...

A UP minister has apparently assured people of his potential voters that if SP comes back to power, they would have the luxury of having as many children they want and infact, the government would give a token amount per child.

How, I wish that instead of such gimmicks, this minister had promised that for each child going to school, he will be promised a class which has a teacher and the essentials.
Wish he had promised a state where children would be free to play and live their lives instead of being perennially afraid of murderers and pedophiles.
Wish he had promised a society that would not discriminate against them because of their religion,caste or their ancestors.
How I wish....


1 comment:

Kurt said...

I wonder when will these idiots learn???
These jackasses should be thought a lesson, the election commission should take a stand & take action against such morons... (angry emoticon)