Sunday, April 02, 2006

Alonso rules and Ferrari Rues


Alonso wins!!

What a breath of fresh air this guy is!! Renault has a swell good backup team and the results are there for everyone to see. This proves that teams with moderate size budgets too can compete at the highest level.
And, I think Kimi is going to play a major role in this season. So, do keep a watch on Kimi..

And as for Ferrari, I think it is time for Schumi to retire from F1 like Sachin needs to do from Cricket. They have been the best ambassodars for the sport and they have given us enough joy on the sporting fields and it would be great if they leave the sporting arena as champion players..



Snehal said...

Once more. How dare u compare Sachin to Schumi. Sachin never cheated(String words indeed) like Schumi. Who can forget Schumi first running Damon Hill out to take the championship and trying to do the same number on Villeneuve but falilng to and having an FIA ruling go against him for thuis. (He admitted to trying to run villeneuve out later.(A year later)) Well i guess u r right that he has to retire and time is now. Alsonso seems to be running away with the chamionship as of now but as the grapevine goes Kimi will strike back.I guess this is gonna be his year.Cant say the same about Mclaren though. Montoya seems a bit disintersted ever since Alonso has been signed on for next year. Well next year waits to be seen with Alonso joining up for Mclaren .It will be a spectacle to watch out for if Kimi decides to stay too.That's it for now

Once again Keep blogging. and commenting

HP said...

Hmmn..Sachin was also shown on TV doing something called ball-tampering and who can forget the infamous Ferrari tax-evasion..


Yep, Kimi is the contender for the title..And Keep an eye on Rosberg. That guy has potential.


Anonymous said...

just watchout for Button mates

Kurt said...


I agree wid u both tht Schumi n Sachin shld retire.

But i really doubt Kimi coming bac in the race for d Championship, coz he is already 14 points behind Alonso.

But we'll have to wait n see.
As of now we cannot predict nething

I think Button pressed the Panic button n screwed himself out of the points in Melbourne.

I dont see any chance of Button making it to the top, but he's got a good car this year though.

Only time will decide who will be the Champ.[very filmy isn't it]


As If said...

Schumi... hahaa his crash seemed to me as more of a face saving antique than a genuine crash, He knew for sure that he can't make it to the podium from 5/6 position.
Tough to see old time favourites go down so badly. Don't understand how can he loose all in a matter a year, is it the damn Car that Renault has got right and Ferrari couldn't. But is that was the case then the other Renault driver, don't remember whats hsi name should also win some races.

HP said...


I think now the competition believes that they can win and Ferrari believes that they cant win now!!!


Anonymous said...

may b schume can make the podium with a farse like the one last year with 4 cars on track. As for Button, guys do watch out for him, he has a nice car to back him win races and if he cld absorb the pressure from other close rivals he cld have many podium finishes to show off !!

HP said...


Yep..Pressure, that's the word

And yes, now, Schumi needs a farce for a podium finish.


Ash said...


I just happen to be a fan of schumi and sachin and i think being the great sport persons they are they still have it in them to compete the new challenge they are facing.

As far as the season goes i think it a 2 horse race between Alonso and Schumi. Kimi is a nice driver but with Maclaren's relaibility he is going to struggle. Let him come to ferrari next season, things might change for him.

HP said...


Looks like I spoke too soon :-)

Ye, yesterday the Ferrari strategy was too good and Schumi is looking like getting back to his groove.
Sure, this makes an exciting prospect for F1 fans like us.