Thursday, April 27, 2006

Will Arsenal be the new champions?

This year's UEFA Champions League was quite interesting, to say the least. Definitely, there were no great matches as such. For me, most of the matches were either one-sided or it would seem that both the participating teams were just there to make the numbers. But, what interests me are the results. The results have been really interesting and barring Barca, no other team looked like they were playing Champions League. (pun intended)

But,I digress. Somehow, Arsenal managed to reach the semis playing their brand of bland football. When Pele was talking about the beautiful game, he sure never saw Arsenal playing. I agree that some of the new players like Fabregas and Reyes are exciting prospects. But, I never like the way Arsenal play. And don't get me started on Henry. I always believed that he never plays against big teams and I still stand by it. Maybe the opposing teams keep him on leash but great players always unleash themselves at the big stage. And that is the reason I don't think that Henry should be counted amongst the greats.

Again, I am moving from my first point. Thinking that Barca will reach the final, I would believe that Arsenal have a better chance of winning the Cup. Their defence is tight and if Campbell performs on the given day, I think they can keep a clean scoresheet. Now, it depends upon the strikers to score that one goal. And I think, that one goal will be enough.

And like last year, maybe the team placed fifth in the EPL would be crowned the European Champions.!!! Yeah, I know that theory sounds stupid but what the heck!

Waiting for the finals!!




Kurt said...

Dude ppl will tell you ki tht this post shld have cme on my blog i.e.

Btw do u still feel tht Arsenal can do it?
I know tht currently they have all the luck in this world with them. Otherwise there was no chance they could have made it to the final.


HP said...


Good Promotion of your blog mate :-)Yeah, I know that only 3 ppl read your posts, so u need more readership mate..No Probs from my side :-)

And btw, I have said it before and I say it again, you don't have the exclusive rights over football. So, just CTC.

And yes, I believe that Arsenal will win. But, as you said probably their luck might just run out in the finals.

Lets see!!