Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The 'Fukat Competition'

Asif has decided to find out the person who has the most free time outa there. And also, creativity to go with it.

In his own words,

Fellow fukats, I take pleasure in announcing the annual fukat competition which begins 18th April 2006 ie today. If you are the real fukat one you wont need to ask any details about the competition, but for the lowly souls who need some enlightment on what all this is about. Just post the craziest,crapiest post on you blog from today onwards till 30th April.

For reference on what a crazy,crapy and fukat post looks like visit .

Do visit the comments for this post. Get yourself added to the as team member by posting a comment on the blog. Only the blogs who are registered on and contain a link to the same would be considered for the prize. The winner would be awarded with the craziest prize ever given and the Title of Mr/Ms/Mrs Fukat and Fukat king.

So head over to




iyer education said...

do you know what is the toughest task in the world? it is having a lot of free time in office and trying to look busy and bogged down with work... i just do that... which means though i am the fukatest (if you can call that), i still would like to look busy and bogged down :)

no fukat for me... all truths will be revealed then :)

As If said...

Huh people seem to hide their realities to such an extent. Why can't they be real and by "fukat" I don't mean the person has to be free, its more of freedom of spirit and being crazy enough to dish out something creative, believe me you need lot of creativity in you to create quality crap :))

HP said...

@Iyer Education,

Well, you are the sort of person who can gimme competition :-)

Well, give it a shot mate! You might just come second to me :-)

yep..One does need a lot of creativity to create quality crap. Ask me! I have been doing that for the last 21 years.


Snehal said...

U shud hav told Iyer Education that he will come third coz i am the one who's gonna come up trumps.
Also CTC
@Iyer Education
I agree with you dude.BTW ur posts are just great.Keep it up dude.
U cuc have qualified to be the biggest fukat since u had the time to create the blog for us to display our creativity and make optimum use of our free time. btw are u treating this as ur BlackBelt project for Six sigma or what??? Optimizing our free time .

As If said...

Thanx for the complement, I know that i am the biggest "fukat", I created the blog and the competition to nurture fukat talents like you guys. And thats one reason I have ruled myself out of contention.
As for Six-Sigma, sure mate I would like to complete my Black Belt. Do send me the amount of time optimally used with the help of the blog.

Anonymous said...

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