Friday, April 07, 2006

Sorry Snehal


Really Really Sorry.

Forgive me!!!



Kurt said...

Am also really sorry if i hurt u.

Sorry, if i hurt u.
I dont know how i did it
but neways SORRY

keep up the good work

mattu said...

Good one dude :)
Thanks for deleting it......

Sorry ex-dhons and ex-ex john ..really sorry
;) now stop showin ur attitude

plz /**/

Snehal said...

I am extremly sorry for behaving the way i did with u . Please forgive me .I shud hav realized then that it was just a blog and taken it in the right spirit. It just that i have thing about embarassing moments especially those that occur with me. But thnks for deleting the post neway :).

Sorry for the really pathetic ,lame dialogues that i have subjected u thru IP, mail and on the phone.
Thanks for askin Hari to delete the snaps a thought that he gave consideration to and deleted the entire post :)


HP said...


Just Chill..

I have banned the word Sorry on my blog :-)

No offense given, No offense taken is always my motto...


As If said...

Heck what did I miss. Itne sorries to maine saalon mein nahin sune honge. Koi mujhe batayega kya ho raha hai??

HP said...


You don't want another Sorry series to start, do you :-)

Just let the sleeping dogs lie :-)